SOKs Overview


Success for Our Kids (SOKs), Inc., AKA Success for Our Kids Summer Enrichment Camp, a non-profit public charity, community-based organization incorporated in the State of Louisiana, located in the northern rural part of East Baton Rouge (EBR) Parish that offers a variety of educational, recreational, and personal development services to at-risk, unserved and under served school age children/youth who reside in EBR Parish.


The aim of the Corporation is to enhance the overall development of this at-risk population and serve as a deterrent to undesirable outcomes by offering research-based curricula, tutoring, mentoring, recreation, and other child development activities that serve to compliment the learning process by improving skills and test scores and empowering the participants to make positive life choices that will enable them to maximize their personal potentials.

The structure of the organization is designed to meet age/gender appropriate needs by providing positive interventions through a variety of programs each under the leadership of a coordinator. Those programs are:

A 6-week summer enrichment day camp

An after-school tutoring program, and

A mentoring program.